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Do-It-Yourself Natural Pore Refining Toner/Astringent #HolisticBeauty

Over the past two to three years, I have become increasingly mindful and cautious of the ingredients found cosmetic products beyond paraben and perfume. Makeup, cleaners, toners, wipes, etc. can contain other harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and toxins that impact our overall health over time in small to large ways...

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Importance of Protein & Complete Amino Acids to a Plant Based Diet

In this post, I want to talk all about protein, and protein in the context of it being plant-based. So often we hear how we need a lot of protein, especially, in the world of fitness, bodybuilding, and...

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How to Eat More Veggies: KISS for Meal Prep

Meal prep is awfully popular, and for good reason. It saves you time cooking throughout a busy week, allows you to budget better, keeps you on track with your goals and ensures...

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