Do-It-Yourself Natural Pore Refining Toner/Astringent #HolisticBeauty

Over the past two to three years, I have become increasingly mindful and cautious of the ingredients found cosmetic products beyond paraben and perfume. Makeup, cleaners, toners, wipes, etc. can contain other harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and toxins that impact our overall health over time in small to large ways.

I am a hardcore advocate for holistic health, as I believe we should consider everything we come in contact with as a part of a whole larger system.

Living a holistic life means bridging the gaps between all areas that affect our health.

The harmful ingredients found in un-natural, toxic cosmetics, are LITERALLY absorbed by own skin, enter our bloodstream, and move freely inside our bodies. We must consider our whole internal system, and how every variable we allow in our lives influences our mind and bodies.

Think about it like this, why would you put a foreign object into your body that does not belong, and will be rejected by our bodies? Cosmetics can be looked at the same way. To some extent or another, applying makeup, creams, powders, etc. are foreign to our skin, and will be rejected internally as they are not natural. Ever wonder why you break out after using cheap, low-quality ingredients on your skin?

Photo owned and taken by Cydnie Bureau.

Photo owned and taken by Cydnie Bureau.

I want to encourage you to be equally as mindful of what you put ON your skin, just as you are mindful of what you put IN your body, allow in your mind, and let vibe with your spirit. Complete wellness means also treating our largest organ well.

Make this organic skin healthy toner yourself and reap the benefits of healthy skin achieved by healthy measures!