How to Sustainably Burn Fat: The Do's and Don'ts

Losing weight can be a complicated topic to understand with so many experts and industries promoting the latest tools or methods to shred the pounds and achieve the body you want. It's even more difficult to understand when you're just starting out, and haven't learned in's and out's of leading a healthier life–becuase yes, living a healthier lifestyle should be your ultimate goal. 

While not all products you see are 'bad', they are not necessary or healthy for that matter. It’s why I’m here to give you some practical and sustainable methods to burning fat and reaching your health/fitness goals. 




Do not rely on tea, or other products alone for that matter, to attain fat loss. Tea will not make you burn fat. It can be used to aid in digestion, to hydrate, but tea alone will not burn fat or make you leaner. 

Don't restrict the amount or type of food you eat in extreme. Restricting calories slows your metabolic rate, meaning the amount of energy your body is using up, and ultimately the rate at which you are burning calories (energy).

Avoid overtraining by all means necessary. Overtraining can have many damaging effects including chronic stress due to overactivation of your sympathetic nervous system, causing potential adrenal failure, an imbalance in hormones, and excessive fatigue. 


Focus on nutrients

 Fill your diet with nutrient-rich whole foods. Minimize the amount of artificial and processed items you eat, including sweeteners, bars, and fatty snacks. Aim to fill your plate with colourful vegetables, legumes, and lean protein. By giving your body the nourishment it naturally desires, eventually, you’ll begin to reach the ideal weight you should be at in order to be a *healthy* lean.

Strength train 3-5 times a week

Strength training is the foremost best method for burning fat. By including at least 3 strength training workouts into your weekly routine, you are building lean muscle and increasing your metabolic rate. This will help your body burn fat even when you are not training, and optimize the amount you burn while you are. 

Get enough rest and recovery

Getting sufficient rest every night is vital to fat loss. Similarly, it’s important to have enough rest between workouts, never chronically pushing yourself to exhaustion. While you sleep, growth hormone is release leading to the growth and replenishment of muscle tissue. Hormonal regulation and sleep are indeed mutually exclusive. Specific to fat loss, enough rest will properly regulate hormone ghrelin (which triggers hunger) and leptin (which signals satiation) operate as they should. 

By following these practical, sustainable methods, you should see large improvements in your overall health and physique. The results will be lasting, and your whole lifestyle should be improved. 

Thank you for reading.

In love and health, most sincerely,