Is Coffee Good or Bad for You?

On some days, it feels like I literally need 12 coffees. Are there any other coffee addicts out there? Coffee can be so controversial. Is it healthy? Is it unhealthy? Will it fatigue my adrenals? Will my skin look worse? Will my skin look better? I’ve heard it makes you look younger!

The truth is, all these things are true. Coffee CAN be unhealthy. It CAN cause your already fatigue adrenals to be worse. It CAN dehydrate you causing a lack of vibrancy in your skin. And it does possess properties that CAN make your skin appear younger, for longer #antioxidants

Here are my key tips to coffee consumption in the healthiest, most beneficial way:


Always opt for a high quality, organic brand. Coffee beans like many other food items are HEAVILY sprayed with pesticides. Organic is always best.

These are 2 brands I've tried, and oh boy are they TRUE. I'm very serious about my coffee, so trust me when I say they're worth trying out. They're all organic and inexpensive which is also important for me.

Colombia Jo. Organic Ground Coffee,

Kicking Horse Ground Coffee



Avoid over-consumption.

Restrict coffee to once or twice a day. The morning AFTER you’ve eaten, and before a workout for a natural pre-workout. I would always suggest to keep it to once a day. However, also focus on drinking coffee within a timeline that meets your personal circadian rhythms. For some that's earlier in the morning, for others it's later, and for some, it's only later in the day.


Stop altogether. For a time, that is.

If you’re feeling excessively exhausted, STOP drinking coffee for a week or two. Our bodies can become desensitized to the stimulant, and we will need caffeine in larger amounts to experience an effect as we habituate. Instead, find rest where you can, and experience the stimulating benefits once you resume consumption.


Kick up the antioxidants and drink it black.

Coffee is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants inhibit oxidation or the deterioration of other cells and molecules that contribute to the health of our whole bodies/organs–including our skin! In this case, more protection = better skin. The key is not to overdo the consumption and ensures the highest quality to reap these benefits.


Don't run yourself dry–drink all the liquids.

Avoid dehydration by consuming 3 cups of water for every 1 cup of coffee you consume. Coffee is a natural stimulant, that again will increase your body’s elimination process and excretion of toxins. This can dehydrate you, and to balance the rapid loss, ensure you are thoroughly hydrated. This will contribute to your overall health and appearance of your skin, and the nutritional benefits of coffee.

At the end of the day, like all things, coffee should be consumed with moderation, and never relied on as an energy source alone. It's a great addition to amp up your energy, but always be sure to gain energy from sleep, food, and exercises–then all the caffeine can follow.

Most sincerely,