Rest and Treat Yourself with Thirsty Coconut Water & Camino Dark Chocolate

I’m a habitual over-worker and throughout my years of schooling and university I formed the habit of not knowing when to say ‘no.’ 

It usually went something like this: Five uni classes? Sure! Relationship. No problem! Sports team? Game on! Start a business? Yay! Train 6 times a week? Gains! Can I watch your kids even though I have 4 essays, 2 quizzes, a presentation and an 8-hour shift in the morning? Let’s go! 

Even now, I have to stop and remind myself daily, sometimes even hourly, to relax and rest. I’ll go non-stop to the point my body decides to stop working efficiently. 

While this is ambitious and the world teaches us to work hard, it’s not sustainable and not at all healthy or a lifestyle I want. You can get every thing you need to get done without having to forego self-care.

I know my adrenal glands were being over worked as being sluggish, tired and sick were all clear indications. For this reason, today I chose to take a rest day from working out as it was much needed and opted for extra sleep time.

I was also feeling dehydrated and in a snacking mood. These symptoms called for a halt in my work day and purchasing my favourite snacks.

To hydrate, I got some green juice and coconut water. Coconut water great at restoring bodily hydration as they are rich in electrolytes and potassium which assist in retaining fluid within muscles, amino acids and other vitamins and minerals. 

I picked up a big carton of it, and although it’s nothing compared to raw, fresh coconuts, it does the job for me. 

coconut water blog snack photo.jpg

When choosing my coconut water I prefer it be organic and/or non-geo and without extra additives. This one by Buddha Brands Co was just that. 

To top it all off, I also picked up some organic crackers and dark chocolate. Despite the bad rap, chocolate, when appropriately selected is actually beneficial to your health primarily for it’s antioxidant rich content. 

You should aim to buy organic dark chocolate with the purest ingredients and without soy lecithin or refined sugar. This one by camino is my new favourite as it checks off all my requirements. 

Now, I’m relaxing on my couch before finishing up what ever work I have left then heading to pamper myself with a bath and full 10 step skin-care routine. 

Don’t ever feel bad or get down on yourself when you need to rest. Slowing down is often times just what we need in order to accelerate our journey. It’s the quality of time you put into things and not the amount of time you spend stressing over how to get it all done. Put in the work when it’s time, and rest and have fun when it’s time. Take care of your self first and allow time to unravel. 

Go drink some [coconut] water, relax and eat some of your favourite healthy snacks. 

Thank you for reading! Let me know how you’re loving yourself today.