Full At-Home Leg & Glute/Booty Workout

So at the start of June, I became grotesquely ill with what I didn't yet know was a virus. I was so unbelievably tired regardless of the amount of sleep I got and the amount of nourishment I fed myself. 

I was under a lot of stress, working a lot, working out 5-6 times a week and not properly recovering or using tools to prevent excessive muscle fatigue, pain and to avoid demolishing my immune system. Thus, my body was like CHILL.

For the last 4-5 weeks, I've been exercising very minimally and just focusing on getting better. Last week, I finally had enough strength to do a workout at home and got around to recording it!

Here I present my first workout getting back into the game of fitness. Included are activation exercises and some of my favourite, most effective exercises that can be modified to suit any level of fitness. 


  • chair
  • dumbbells, sub: water jugs/ bottle 
  • ankle weight, sub: water bottle or weight behind knee


Before starting any sort of physical activity, it is foremost essential to warm up our bodies to prevent injuries and muscle fatigue, increase mobility and flexibility of the hips, to increase muscular endurance and to enhance range of motion.

Generally, you want to warm up for 5-10 minutes. The higher your fitness level, the less amount of time it will take your body to respond to the increased level of activity. Thus, beginners aim for 10 minutes, intermediate aim for 7-8 minutes and advanced can likely be warm within 4-5 minutes.

Here is the routine:

  1. 1 minute jumping jacks
  2. 1 minute jump squats
  3. 1 minute high knees
  4. 30 second leg swing (both legs)

Repeat until time reached. 

Me doing a jumping jack. How cool.

Me doing a jumping jack. How cool.


When it comes to muscle growth, it's very important to target that specific body part by isolating with specific moves and low to moderately increased resistance. This is accomplished by increasing the number of repetitions, or as I often choose: using resistance bands. 

The activation includes 4 exercises that should be performed  2-3 times for 20 reps of each move.



Key points:

Get into squat position and from here, engage your glutes while keeping your chest up and core engaged. Walk side to side in the same position.  



Key points:

In a squat position with feet shoulder width apart, lift one foot at a time to meet the other keeping your glute and core engaged and chest elevated.



Key points:

On hand and knees with hands parallel to shoulder and knees stacked parallel under hips, lift knee up and slightly to the side feeling tension form in the outer region of the glute. 



Key points: 

On your side with your leg flesh to the ground, stack your knees on top of each other. From here, keeping your ankles and toes together, open your top knee to full opening until the tension in your glute is felt. 


Proceeding the warm up and activation, we're jumping into the workout. Typically, I will perform anywhere from 6-8 exercises that primarily focus on the glutes. 

Workout breakdown:

  • SETS: 3
  • REPETITION: 15-20



Key points:

Again, with your arms and knees stacked parallel to your shoulders and hips, engage and stabilize your core, keep your foot flat and push up from your heel until top of glute is fully flexed.



Key points: Same idea here except you want to keep your leg straight and lift from the floor up until your glute is flexed and tense at the top. 



Key point: This is a move I came up with that really engages the abductors (side of bum). You want to slightly cross your foot over your opposite leg and lift it back up reaching across to the other side. 



A squat is a natural and most fundamental move. It engages the entire legs, and performed after glute isolating exercises can be very effective in building muscle specific to the glutes. 

Key point: With feet only shoulder width apart and dumbbells at side, keep your chest elevated, spine neutral and core engaged, squat down 3/4 of way and return. 



Key point: Similar idea again. You want to stand beyond shoulder width apart and position your feet slightly pointing outwards. 



Key point: With feet shoulder width apart, slightly bend knees, keep your core tight as though you are bracing for impact and spine neutral, bend forward until your hip "hinges" and reaches the initial point of bend. From here, pull up using your glutes. NOTE: Do not pull with your back in this move. 



This move is especially great for strengthening the hamstrings and the lower part of the glute where it meets your hamstring to create a rounder appearance. 

Key point: Holding onto a wall for balance, lift one leg and with the other leg slightly bent, lean forward to until you are nearly at ankle length. Lift up with your glute slowly.



Ending with this move is great to really burn out the glutes. They target the full glute and thus makes them an excellent exercises to target booty builidng. You can also perform these at the gym with cables. 

Key point: Standing slightly away from the chair, you want to engage your core and kick your leg up. At the top point, hold for 2-3 seconds and return.

That's the full workout. Don't forget to spend 10-15 minutes stretching afterwards. Thank you for reading. You can also see more on form and full movements in the video below. Cheers!