My Fitness Journey Stages: A Small Glimpse


This isn’t my whole fitness/health journey but rather a small portion and glimpse into the stages I’ve gone through. 

Over the years, I’ve learned so much about myself, my wellness, my body, and my overall life happiness. I’ve learned how transformative fitness and nutrition is, and how imperative a holistic healthy lifestyle is to me.

Wellness and health go far beyond eating broccoli, drinking water and popping a squat or two. It’s all inclusive to literally everything that goes on in your life and this is the message I want to bring.

I truly believe that our inward health is the foremost important aspect of our health. I also believe it’s where transforming our lives begins. 

With that being said, having a healthy lifestyle takes into account aspects such as your thoughts, your relationships, your place of employment, your home, your stress, your love for others and yourself, your spiritual walk and your sleep.

These fundamental aspects will be the most transformative variables in your journey. 

You can eat and drink all the best things, but if you’re working a job that’s giving you high blood pressure, or in a relationship that makes you feel bad about yourself (and not just romantic relationships), or you’re not sleeping for more than 5 hours; you’re depriving yourself of an authentic healthy life. 

So, here is the small glimpse into my fitness and health journey. 


Phase #1 Sick, Stressed, Depressed

I started seriously weight training and living a 'healthy' life in grade nine of high school. Before that, I had always played sports but ate whatever I wanted. I would literally head to the mall after school, buy 4 chocolate bars and call it dinner. I still ate good meals, but I ate a lot, and ate a lot of garbage. 

It was in grade 11 when I got seriously sick 4 times throughout the year that I realized something was really wrong. I was stressed as a result of my living situation and school, and those factors also caused me to be extremely manic. I would go from happy, out-going, playing sports, to hiding in my room and not socializing at all for days and weeks. Sometimes I still do this.

I was desperately sad, man. I was tired all the time, I was crying every other night, and my relationships took a large brunt of it all.

I got so tired of being SICK AND TIRED, and started to research nutrition every day. That's when I began cooking and eating with serious purpose. I would watch YouTube videos about food, try and understand what I should do, and needless to say, a LOT of learning went into these 1-2 years.

As I trained more, I slowly grew stronger mentally. I became more in tune with my body, and slowly become healthier. Fitness became my power, and nutrition fuelled it. I fell in love with feeling good.


Phase #2 Restricted, Over-Training, Tired


It was during the finals of my first year of university I found veganism. When I say I was vegan, I mean I was VEGAN. I was very vegan, very healthy, very strict, very tired, and as extremely unhealthy mentally. 

My diet was tracked meticulously, I wouldn’t eat anything ‘bad’ and ate entirely too restrictively. I still follow a vegan diet, but I was being too controlling with my food as result of trying to manage the chaos of my life.

I slowly grew skinnier, and the skinner I got, the more problem areas I noticed, the more weight I saw I had to lose and the shapeliness I saw I had to improve on.

I recall very vividly taking the photo above and thinking “I need to get skinner here” “my butt needs to be rounder” “my arms need more definition.” It was horrible. Now looking at that photo, I think I looked great physically. Although, if you opened up my skull it might not have been as good looking.


Phase #3 Strong, Holsitic and Realistic

There’s two phases in between this one and the last that I’ll write about one day, but this is where I am now.

Today, I’ve reached a place of empowerment, holistic wellness and sheer strength. I am living my most well-balanced life.

I still need improvement, but overall I am doing well. I still struggle with a lot of things. Struggles just don't dissipate like that. I've just become so much better at eliminating stressful conditions from my life and surroundings. 

I’ve learned how to manage stress, how to prioritize myself and not feel selfish for it, how to eat a healthy plant-based diet while still enjoying what I love. I train because it feels good to be STONG and not to loose weight or to attain the perfect body. I embrace my natural curviness, my thighs, and my body for all it is capable of.

I’ve learned the importance of building a lifestyle from inside out. My spiritual walk, my relationships, my inner happiness, my love for self and my mentality are my growing priority. After this, my sleep, my water intake, and nourishment follow. 

I am no longer letting my circumstances ruin me despite how much they fight. I am slaying my healthy lifestyle to my standards and filling my life with small victories of improvement. I like where I am.

My advice to anyone starting to live a healthier life would be this: start with your heart and mind. Don’t stress the scale or mirror too much, and begin to love who you are inside. 

Thank you for reading. My inbox is always open for questions so feel free to say hello.