5 Morning Practices to Improve Your Health

How often do you wake up, grab your phone, check Instagram and your e-mail then frantically get ready for the day? 

How often do you skip breakfast? Or eat a pop-tart and call is food? I mean, no judgement...

BUT, if you're trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, it starts at the beginning of your day. You often hear the way you start your day will set the tone for the rest of the day, and it is completely the 100 percent truth.

P r o t e c t  y o u r   m o r n i n g  s. I cannot emphasize this enough (in case the letter spacing didn't already communicate that). The precious time upon waking is so valuable to set the tone for the rest of the day.  

I personally, am not a morning person in the sense that too much noise, chatter, energy and chaos bothers me. I need my "ahhh" "ouuu" and total zen vibes. For this reason, I often remain very quiet and allow myself to one: wake up, two: hear from God, and three: set myself up for a good day. 

My mornings generally include the following practices/habits, and have proven to make my day and life a lot healthier. 



Upon waking I always drink around 1 litre of water on an empty stomach. At this point, it is so refreshing literally feeling the water go right through you. Doing so it extremely beneficial for hydration, digestion and weight-loss as consuming the good ol' H20 before any food quickly flushes toxins from your bowls and cells.

Drinking water this way is also optimal for digestion and the metabolizing of food afterwards. While there are many benefits of drinking water on empty, it's also especially great for improving your complexion and promoting healthy hair, skin and nails. 



When we deprive our cells of oxygen we impair our brain and body's efficiency to function optimally. Our bodies need constant replenishment of oxygen in order to effectively expel carbon dioxide. Doing this allows our cells to produce new energy and expedite vital functions.

Taking time to breathe, whether it be by meditation, simply sitting and just breathing, yoga or steady state cardio; maximizing your oxygen intake will provide you with exceptional clarity aside from it's physiological benefits.



Getting your body within the prime acid-base zone is amazing for digestion, weight-loss, beauty, boosting energy and improving immunity, allowing neurotransmitters to function better meaning greater mental function and clarity. This practice over time can drastically improve your health by reducing the amount of acid in your body, should you be in a state of imbalance. You can read more here about the amazing benefits.



Setting your intentions for the day can mean many different things based on the individual in question. Personally, I aim to identify what goals I have for myself both micro and macro and set intentional behaviours and actions in order to accomplish those things. 

I will usually write in my journal or in a Word document the various things I wish to accomplish. It aids in visualizing what I want to do, and eases any existing stress I may have. I've found that when I do this, I drastically improve my productivity.



Nourishing doesn't necessarily mean you must eat breakfast. I believe unless it's imperative you eat, don't if you're not hungry. Your body is good at knowing when it needs food. It is important, however, to nourish yourself. This can include taking supplements such as a multi-mineral, a multivitamin, sea vegetables, BCAA's. What ever it is you require. 

I will often have a breakfast that is loaded with nutrients with a side of a bullet-proof coffee or green tea. It's important to have a time you sit down to have a meal, eat slowly and peacefully enjoy nourishing yourself. It has both physiological and emotional benefits that in the long run can dramatically improve your health and relationship with food. 

Thank you for reading. I hope that you're able to take away and implement at least one of these practices. Let me know if you do on Instagram or by contacting me! I'd love to hear.