Welcome to Your S&C: Don't be Afraid to Start

Hello and welcome to S&C!

This here post will serve as an introduction and explanation as to what you can find and will see on my site going forth. I am SO excited to be doing this. Just now at 8:23 a.m. I am ecstatically sitting at my desk writing.

So let's jump right in. S&C stands for my training and nutrition business, Strong Curvy, but it also represents Sincerely Cydnie, another meaningful name I went back and forth deciding whether I should use.

I wrote in the title 'don't be afraid to start, because quite honestly, I was. Not necessarily afraid of putting myself out there, but more so due to my perfectionism. There comes a point you just have to start, and let the details work themselves out. Anyways..

You see, S&C will serve as my collective space to sincerely connect with awesome individuals through sharing my passions, my knowledge, my art and the best pieces of my life as they relate to health, food, art, life and oh yes: fitness.

I consider myself a jack of many trades–at least for now–with the various interests and fields I am seemingly drawn to. I love writing, I love working out, I love playing sports, I love encouraging and connecting with people, I love food (hehe), cooking, photography, design, nutrition, wellness, etc. etc. etc. so S&C will also act as the cord stringing the many narratives of my life together. 

My vision for this website is to empower, connect and create. I want to empower women to be strong and to love themselves as they are. I want to connect with others through sharing my stories, and I want to create content that will impact and curate a community of women who share interests and stories similar to my own.

I'm also a certified personal training specialist, health coach and holistic sports nutrition student so I'm always open to chatter and answering questions about health, wellness, training and food. You'll find many informative, inspiring posts about wellness and fitness in the days, weeks, and hopefully years to come.

My greatest wish is that you join me as I write, explore and share what makes me smile. (And hopefully can make you smile too.)