Why I’ll Wake Up & Work Hard Tomorrow

“If you surrendered to the air, you could ride it.” –Toni Morrison

This evening in specific, I asked myself, “Why exactly are you worried about getting up tomorrow?” It’s so easy to exist day-to-day going through routine motions.

Sometimes, I have to stop and literally ask myself why, and if the “because” isn’t worthwhile, I ask myself what is the point of getting up? Why wake up to simply exist?


Here’s my note to self…

Cydnie you have these passions, you have this heart that blazes with fire, you have eyes that see vividly and this imagination that envisions the best of beauty.
You say you want to accomplish this goal while simultaneously juggling this responsibility, and trying to make way for that thing to possibly become reality.
You want to make something of yourself. And you spend hours thinking, searching, and reflecting on how you’ll do that.
You question, sometimes doubt, and second guess your steps. And sometimes you second guess God, too.
You lay in bed many nights just thinking, just caught up thinking.
Sometimes, because it’s so overworking you fail to actually do the things that will bring you there.
You do some of the things. But it’s usually the things you’ve always retreated to. The things you’re already good at and are already sure of.
And yes, even that is good, but to be your best, you need to do more outside your lane.
You need to step over that line, maybe disqualify some ventures, and make room for your true destiny.
So, tonight you’re laying here. And tomorrow’s Monday. This week, you need to remember why you’re going to work hard.

Here’s why.

You’ll see the eyes of the little girl who sat square and encased to her computer at 7 years old writing down that she wanted to be a dancer, a singer, an artist, own a restaurant and be an athlete.

You’ll remember promising yourself at six-years-old that you would be your own boss and that you’d drive a Mercedes.

You’ll remember how far you’ve already come, and instead of seeing how life has drained you, you’ll see how much more you have to give.

You’ll channel the tenacity you had fighting demons, to now plow ways for your own growth.

You’ll remember that you are powerful.

You’ll remember that you are a woman living in a world where we make it based on how sexy we are. And instead of following that trend, you’ll pave way for substantiality.

You’ll remember that you are more than sports, fitness and your physique.

You’ll remember that your heart is shinier than your smile, soul prettier than your face, and spirit stronger your body.

Most of all, you’ll do it because you have no choice. If you slow down, you won’t just snail — you’ll cease. You’ll halter to complete stillness.

You won’t move beyond single moments, you won’t push beyond now. You’ll always be right here. Thinking, dreaming, wondering–stagnant.

So move every day. Learn every day. And love like heck on anyone you can, any moment you can.
Hold tightly to the initial novelty of your passions. Remember your heart, and remember why you started.