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Born and raised in Ottawa, Canda, Cydnie grew up active, enthused, and fiercely ambitious. She is a Certified Personal Training Specialist, Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, a fourth year undergraduate at Carleton University, and an online and Ottawa based personal trainer. 

Her training style is based in athleticism, is highly intense and hardcore is nature, yet emphasizes functionality and overall corporal well-being. She draws on athletic training, body-building fundamentals, functional fitness, plant-based nutrition,  and mind-set re-shaping in order to package and deliver clients their best results.

She has worked with a variety of people from various backgrounds and starting points. She also has over 15 years of experience in athletics, over 4 years worth of post secondary education, and over 3 years of experience working as a coach. Cydnie's clients trust her to care for more than just their physique or shreds. It’s more than fitness–it's life-long commitment to betterment.




Founded in 2016 by coach, athlete and creative, Cydnie Bureau, Strong with Cyd™️,  represents her heart in motion. She believes in maintaining a sincere dedication to care, wellness, creativity, and strength. Strong with Cyd™️ is a client  driven coaching business and empowerment resource for women (and men!) offering online/virtual fitness coaching, holistic health and nutrition coaching, personal training, and lifestyle inspiration and knowledge through content creation. 

Cydnie's mission is to transform live's by improving their whole internal health system with natural nutrition, effective training and personal lifestyle coaching. She is devoted to seeing women confidently build their strength both inwardly and outwardly in order to achieve their goals. She promotes developing a positive body image, confidently loving who you are, forming a devotion to self-love and discovery, and building mental strength.

Her approach to training, transformation, and improving your health is unique from others as she approaches it holistically. This means she considers the mental, physical, and spiritual factors possibly influencing your well-being. Coach Cydnie is dedicated to promoting holism, and pioneering the manner in which people approach health, fitness and reaching their bodily and wellness goals. 

She knows that health is more than eating and exercising. She also know that each person is unique, and their diet and training should be too! For this reason, she focuses on custom plan and program design, and every coaching consultation or session is uniquely tailored to you.

By initially approaching our goals holistically–first considering the mental and spiritual–it prepares us to have better advantage over the physical aspect of our health. Considering the inter-connectedness of our minds, body and spirit prepares us for life-long wellness and strength. Our ability to perform, acquire new skills and reach our goals is fuelled by the health of our minds and spiritual well-being.

Cydnie believes to achieve optimal health and fitness we must develop a strong foundation of holistic lifestyle habits and hardcore training–combining the healthiest practices and most challenging workouts to get you to your goals faster, healthier and happier.


The core of Cydnie's coaching.



  • Mindfulness, mental wellness and self-awareness

  • Mental health support and confidence building

  • Mindset improvement: mental toughness and clarity

  • Emotional support and empowerment

  • Stress and lifestyle management



  • Individualized physical training programs and guidance

  • Natural nutrition plans, education and guidance

  • Lifestyle habits affecting and/or inhibiting  physical wellness potential

  • Sleep, rest and lifestyle practices of self-care



  • Internal happiness and liveliness

  • Evaluation of relationships

  • Being engaged inwardly and devoting time to improving relationship with self

  • Navigating one's own connection to faith, religion, morals and beliefs



As your coach Cydnie will:

·  Attentively assess your needs and orient your program to attain your optimal results

·  Support your goals and hold you accountable to yourself

·  Care for your progress, your total well-being and your service satisfaction

·  Challenge you to increase your mindfulness, mental toughness, emotional intelligence, healthy lifestyle transformation

·  Inspire you to love yourself more while developing into your best version

·  Guide you holistically towards sustainable health

·  Teach you practical information and give you the tools to maintain results for life

·  Be your strongest mode of support

Contact Cydnie today or take a look at her coaching services to start your transformation journey.